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Direct Your Streaming Video Shows on Social Media – A Multi-Cam Production – With Just Your Thumbs! puts you in the director’s chair for streaming great multi-cam content anywhere and everywhere.


Los Angeles, CA, October 1, 2016 – New Startup announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Fundable to finish the development of their revolutionary streaming video control panel. The company set out to raise $50,000 on Fundable to finish developing the technology and launch the first of its kind multi-cam production studio that streams simultaneously to both YouTube Live and Facebook Live. You can view ptich video here.

Direct Your Streaming TV from your hands with just your thumbs - produce a multi-cam social media TV show.

Direct Your Streaming Video to ALL Social Media

Direct Your Streaming Video Shows on Social Media – a multi-cam production – with just your thumbs!

Support our TV project on Fundable now, and quickly learn how to Direct Your Social Media TV presence.

Direct Your Streaming Video to more viewers and furnish a real multi-cam show.  From your mobile.

You’re not used to thinking of your little phone or tablet delivering network-quality programming to many audiences at once.  Also, you’re not used to thinking of TV from your phone (and your friends’ phones) as ‘programming’ at all.  Yet we aim to change that.  We’ll offer you a new tool that literally puts a TV control room right in your hands.  You operate it with your thumbs, so it’s easy!   Please click to watch the video above.  Easily furnish quality mobile TV that will earn you bigger and bigger audiences.

Furthermore, you can host a real multi-cam TV show of your event.  Stream to Facebook LIVE *and* Youtube LIVE (and anywhere else) using your friends’ phone cams and your thumbs!   So is a personal (and business) streaming TV ‘control room’ you can use from your phone or tablet.

Turn any event from a party, a bat mizvah, a dinner party, a business meeting, a birthday party, a quinceneros, any event, stunt or achievement into a multi-cam televised event that appears (and is recorded) both on Facebook LIVE and on Youtube LIVE (and nearly anywhere else you choose).  No tough choices as to which venue to use to reach all your people.  Your friends just whip out their phones and go to the shortlink you send them and contribute to your show from their phones/cams.   Hence, you have a multi-cam ‘production’ just as if you had hired a TV crew.

Learn About – help our project

Watch our video above.  Please visit our dummy demo here.

We place a TV control room in right your hands.  Anywhere!  And it’s coming soon.   Please look in to our Fundable project and help us along (it’s really advanced tech that takes a lot of expensive programming).

…and if you are wondering, we haven’t wavered a bit on creating and supporting corporate e-commerce and political activism/voter data web sites.

easy - just use your thumbs to manage your broadcast

FIVE Features Will Turbo-Charge Your Blog

When launches as a terrific platform to share multiple perspectives (multi-cams) of any event on your FaceBook LIVE and Youtube LIVE streams, it will offer bloggers at least FIVE features to build readers and viewing audience for long-term growth.  Yes, will be great for one-time events, but it’ll be even greater for bloggers who put up content regularly.  Let us count the ways…

FIVE Features Will Turbo-Charge Your Blog

ONE:  So EASY to invite your co-broadcasters (other cams/other reporters/commentators) to join you.   Just text or email them the shortlink you are given on the broadcast screen.  If your name is Jeff, you could email them the shortlink ‘’ – in email or text messages. They can just touch the link and join your broadcast because there is no app to download – there’s no wasted motion trying to download the right app, get it installed and hooked up to the right broadcast.  The ‘secret sauce’ video tech is native to most modern browsers.  There’s no messing about with apps, phone numbers or trying to port a video from one app to another.  You could even Tweet the link to join your broadcast and just see who joins you.  And you remain in total control of which video feed goes out on your public feed.  Everybody uses their thumbs and it just works!

TWO: Wider audiences – you don’t have to make a tough choice about broadcasting only on Facebook LIVE or only on Youtube LIVE – you’ll be able to do both at once. features options that allow you to broadcast to both at once (and we’ll add more channels later like Twitch and Ustream).  You don’t have to ask Youtube users to corss over the Facebook, or Facebook user to cross over to Youtube – all get to watch your show in the app they are most comfortable with… that’s called satisfying your audience.

THREE:  Video Content Forever! All channels mentioned above record and archive your stream automatically, so your show is available to all your viewers after the event.  Whether at Facebook, Youtube, or best yet: right on your own blog site (see below).  You do not have to do anything to make this happen – just use for to manage a better broadcast!

FOUR: Embed your LIVE show right in your blog.  Of course the best place to get your readers (and now viewers, too) is right in your own blog where your readers already come for your content, and they are seeing your advertisers.   You are bringing both viewers and readers to your main outlet – for more clicks and more ad revenue.  Embedding a video right into your blog is copy/paste easy, whether the video is LIVE or an archive of a past event.

FIVE:  You get the best of both worlds to leverage your audience…  some blogs have readers, some have viewers because they focus on video content – now your blog can deliver quality content to both and simply develop…. your audience.

What kind of exciting content could you furnish if you invited 2 or 3 of your best sources to join you on a broadcast?  What if you could offer a panel of 3 or 4 of your best readers to discuss the issue of the day?

Adding to your content lineup will make it easy to place interesting personalities and events in front of your audience and help you build that audience fast.

E-Commerce and Politics still focus

Political and Corporate E-Commerce Web Sites Still Major Focus

Political Activist/Voter Data and Corporate E-Commerce Web Sites Still a Primary Focus

While we are launching ‘’ as a major new project for streaming TV, we continue to deliver the very best in corporate and political tech for marketing companies and campaigns.  Here is a current tech update on the state of social media and mass email.

Like the old Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’, 2016 has been an interesting year for social media and mass email activities.  Twitter has gone rather flat, with so many Twitter account tweeting automatically, Twitter has lost the personal touch it once had; plus many chroniclers are observing that Twitter is censoring users, detracting further from Twitter’s allure.  Facebook has stopped furnishing much of the demographics that it had provided in the past (unless you are a deep-pocketed advertiser) and so Facebook’s utility is rapidly vanishing as an efficient channel to reach out to new demographics.  Finally, we saw many huge email service providers like Yahoo, Comcast,  MSN/Hotmail (actually, the entire collection of Microsoft email servers) start auto-detecting and publicly reporting SPAM from large-volume senders without letting the addressees see the topic emails.

All of this occurred in 2016 with businesses and campaigns hardly noticing that their voices are hardly being heard now as a result.  They have noticed to some extent that $1 invested in digital services is not yielding returns like it did 5 years ago, but most do not know why, or what to do to remedy the situation.

The answer actually comes to us from almost 35 years ago – from author John Naisbitt in the 1982 book Megatrends.  In that volume, Naisbitt stated that while high tech would continue to grow and prosper, a “high touch” human approach would evolve to satisfy the human need for contact with real people at the ‘other end’ of their relationships… especially relationships with businesses and other ‘hard to reach’ entities… like political campaigns.  Naisbitt predicted that those organizations would prosper who could find the best fit and mix of high tech with that “high touch” element of making people feel satisfied that they had been heard, and their concerns acted upon.

We see that emerging clearly in this year’s presidential election.  What many regard as a renegade candidate is gaining traction because he’s convinced many that he hears them clearly and intends to act upon their concerns.